Why Cornerstone

Best Value

Bringing you the best in talent: we drive the search process. We will find, attract and assess the top talent both within New Zealand and globally.

Cornerstone Search NZ Ltd has repeatedly proven that we are more reliable and more flexible in terms of price: we know we offer better value than other executive search companies.

Ask Our Clients

When other executive search companies offer discounts, they usually sacrifice something; quality, reliability or service. This gives clients less value and more hassles. Cornerstone Search New Zealand Ltd consistently delivers results. Ask our clients. Call 09 307 0200 to ask about our past employee search results.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Cornerstone Search NZ Ltd continuously looks to improve its executive search processes.

Initiating Effectively: As the founder of Cornerstone Search New Zealand Ltd, David Ealson is personally involved in each assignment. We invest the necessary time to understand our client’s corporate culture, personality and management style, not the allocated time.

Recruitment Advisory Services: When client organisations ask us for recruitment supervision, to project manage other retained and contingency recruiters, we use state-of-the-art procedures to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Additional Resources: Unlike other executive search companies, Cornerstone Search New Zealand goes the extra mile to provide additional resources for clients, such as onboarding, recruitment advice, executive coaching and mentoring etc. We will also work with competitors in order to get the right result, if necessary.

Global Reach

You’ll get our personal service and undivided attention. Our company has grown because our clients know we deliver results.

Cornerstone Search NZ Ltd – Get the best of executive search companies: a New Zealand focus with a global reach. We achieve this through our membership of the Global Leadership Solutions Network.

Call 021 946 976 for the right people and the right fit.

Executive search in NZ and internationally: we search the world over to present you with the very best talent.