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Is the talent your organisation needs hard to find?

Cornerstone Search New Zealand Ltd provides global executive search services. Targeting mainly senior level complex or technical roles, Cornerstone’s search services cover all disciplines and levels within an organisation.

Cornerstone Search NZ Ltd – Get the best of executive search: a New Zealand focus with a global reach.

Global Solutions Leadership Network

After ten years as a member of the Cornerstone network, and along with a number of like-minded boutique executive search firms, David formed the Global Leadership Solutions Network to provide a forum for discussion, development and the transfer of knowledge and process for executive search international and New Zealand wide. The Global Leadership Solutions Network also provides clients with a totally reliable referral system between members across regions and countries.

David Ealson

Cornerstone Search New Zealand Ltd’s founder has more than 30 years of recruitment experience. More than half of David’s time in the search industry has been focused on technical executive search; if you need a specialist for your company, David Ealson can find you one. He has successfully identified all manner of obscure technical specialists: petrologists, naval architects, exploration geologists, fire engineers, reservoir engineers, and even a tribologist.

To speak with David about your hiring needs call 021 946 976.

Innovation and Differentiation – Doing Search A Better Way

Cornerstone Search NZ Ltd services differ from many in the general recruitment industry. How?

  • A disciplined, unique methodology. Their project management approach is structured; it is  based on set milestones yet maintains the agility to suit you.
  • Relationship with their clients is a partnership where openness and honesty are key.
  • A strict code of ethics is maintained at all times.
  • A clear focus is on the solution, rather than the problem, always.
  • Strong professional networks with international colleagues, web-based networks as well as extensive databases of candidates and contacts in great number of sectors have been developed and maintained over many years.
  • Their access to international research providers with unique database mining and search techniques: the only search group in New Zealand with access to such information.
  • They have a proven track record in highly complex and technically-oriented search assignments.
  • A cost-effective retained search service from Cornerstone Search NZ has the most extensive warranty in the industry.
  • Industry insights and intelligence are part of the service.

Call 021 946 976 for the right people and the right fit.

Executive search in NZ and internationally: we search the world over to present you with the very best talent.