Recruitment Advice

Get Fresh Eyes

Is recruitment and retention a recurring issue for your organisation? Recruiting a new member of staff is an expensive and time-consuming business, so it pays to make sure you get, and keep, the best person you possibly can.

Let us take a new look. We bring industry specific expertise and insight to your leadership and recruitment needs. Call 09 307 0200 for the right advice on the right people and the right fit.

Our recruitment advice is sought by clients expecting better value from their recruitment processes.

To succeed and grow, your organisation should create a culture and environment that meets both your needs and attracts potential employees.

What is the cost of poor recruitment?

  • Poor performance of the appointee
  • Poor retention of other affected employees
  • Additional recruitment costs
  • Reduced revenues and or increased costs
  • Increased training costs
  • Reduced morale
  • Decreases in customer satisfaction
  • Lost opportunity costs as managers’ focus is moved away from other tasks

Get an external review of your hiring practices. You can avoid the misery and no-win situation of a bad employment choice.

Independent Advice

We can provide independent advice on your employment practices for recruitment, retention, accountability, recognition, flexibility and promotion.

Our value-adding recruitment support includes:

  • Advice on training and support for managers on effective interviewing
  • Sourcing of management coaches
  • The negotiation of favourable terms with quality, independent international executive search firms for assignments performed outside New Zealand
  • Structuring and defining of role descriptions
  • Advice on advertising positions and screening applicants
  • Leading the interview panel
  • Formalising appointment documentation.

Get the Best Outcomes

Cornerstone Search recognises that retained executive search is more suited to certain types of recruitment. To get the best recruitment outcomes for our clients we routinely negotiate cost-saving arrangements with other recruitment agencies on our clients behalf.

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Executive search in NZ and internationally: we search the world over to present you with the very best talent.